Bedside Manners Pro Certificate

BMP Certificate Mockup.png
BMP Certificate Mockup.png

Bedside Manners Pro Certificate


Do you want to stand out from the pack and be known and loved for the amazing healthcare provider you are?

Well, now you can. 

Get your official Bedside Manners Pro certificate and put it on your resume for life. 

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase your certificate.

2. Take the 10-question Knowledge Assessment that comes in your email.

3. Receive a personalized Bedside Manners Pro certificate within three business days in your email. 

Easy as pie. 

Now, I can almost hear you thinking: "Really Stephen...$97? Are you kidding? No way!"

But just think of how much you paid (or are paying) for each class you took in school.


And did that very expensive, shiny piece of paper you got at the end with your name on it get you the job of your dreams just like that?

I know it didn't for me. 

I had to differentiate myself from alllllllll the other new grads out there. 

I did it with this.

Even other continuing ed courses (multiple day courses in other cities or clunky online modules) with some of the same information as my ebook don't even list their cost on their websites (so you KNOW they're expensive)!

I really want you to have this. You've earned it. Get your Bedside Manners Pro certificate today...

Get it circled on your resume, forever. 

And be known and loved for the amazing clinician you truly are. 

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